Liebster award #3!

Thanks Nathalie for nominating me for the Liebster award! Make sure you check out her blog South Korea International!!! ♡


11 Questions by Nathalie

1. What is your favourite animal? I’m obsessed with cats! I also really like bunnies and guinea pigs.

2. Sweet or salted popcorn? I don’t really like popcorn, but I prefer salted over sweet.

3. Who is your favourite music artist? I can’t choose! There’s too many!

4. One product you couldn’t live without? BB cream!

5. Do you have a favourite book/series? Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. I’ve read it many times. I’m currently watching Game of Thrones and 내 생애 봄날.

6. What is your favourite scent? I love the scent of rice water skin care products!

7. How do you relax in the evening? Before I go to bed I like to drink jasmine tea and write a new post on my blog, read a book, watch series or talk to my boyfriend on Skype!

8. Can you speak any other languages? I’m fluent in Dutch, but I can also speak a bit of German and Japanese.

9. Have you ever broken a bone? Never!

10. What is your favourite place in the world? Amsterdam! I’m planning on moving there as soon as possible.

11. If you could time travel, when would you travel to? Sixties!

11 Random facts about me

I’m not good at sports.
I used to do ballet.
In the winter I like to go ice skating.
I can play the piano a bit.
I go to concerts quite often.
I’ve been to England six times in the past eight months.
In the morning I like to drink green tea instead of coffee.
My favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
I wear glasses most of the time.
I have a job interview at Lush on Monday!
I’m going to volunteer at the animal shelter in my hometown soon!

I would like to nominate two new followers: Honey Frauline and Thrify Meet Splurge!

11 Questions for you

Have you ever been to a concert?
Can you play an instrument?
What make-up do you use?
Do you carry a make-up bag everywhere you go?
What’s your favourite make-up brand?
How do you take of your make-up at night?
What’s your favourite skin care product?
What’s your favourite beauty tip?
What would be your dream job?
Are you watching any series at the moment?
What series/movies do you recommend?



Xoxo ♡

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